Aim of the project
To enhance quality and relevance of mathematics education in secondary schools using inquiry based teaching and supporting teachers' professional development accross Europe.
Main Objective
To promote a positive attitude towards mathematics and show that mathematics is engaging, important and useful. The MERIA project activities address the low achievers in mathematics with the ultimate aim of improving students' knowledge and attitudes towards mathematics.
Project MERIA is a meeting point for schools, educational agencies, proffesional associations and higher education institutions from four European countries (Croatia, Denmark, the Netherlands and Slovenia).
Project details
Programme: Erasmus+ Key
Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action type: Strategic Partnerships for school education
Coordinator: Faculty of Science, University of Zagreb
Start date: 1st September 2016 | End date: 31th August 2019
EC contribution: 268,300.00 €
What is new in MERIA?
29.08.2019, 09:34 | pvondra

Read all about results, evaluation, impact and the follow-up of the project in Newsletter 12. 


30.05.2019, 09:16 | pvondra

The new issue of MERIA newsletter has been published.

21.05.2019, 09:13 | anhorvat

Final MERIA conference will be held on the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, on Monday 27th May and Tuesday 28th May.

08.04.2019, 14:15 | anhorvat

This weekend, on Saturday 6th April 2019, Croatian teachers have returned for the second part of the MERIA workshops!

12.02.2019, 15:03 | anhorvat

The new issue of MERIA newsletter has been published.

08.02.2019, 13:31 | anhorvat

On Thursday 7th February 2019, Rogier Bos presented the paper Supporting the reinvention of the slope of a curve in a point at…


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